Lotuspoint Jack-A-Doodles & Shih-Poo's.

Welcome to our unique website. We are totally hobby breeders of the very popular Jack-A-Doodle and Shih-Poo Puppies.


In 2005 on a visit to the Scottish city of Glasgow, we came across these two adorable puppies, they really did catch our attention. We just had to approach the gentleman that had them and ask him what breed they were, this he told us they were Jack-A-Doodles. 

I just wanted them but my other half was against the idea, so after asking everything possible about these two lovely creatures came away without them, I still kept going on about these puppies so we decided to try breed our own, my other halfs father and his father before him had bred Jack Russells for lots of years so we had the Jacks we just needed a Toy Poodle.

We went out to search for a dog Toy Poodle and we got him from Norfolk a fully registered Apricot dog, what a fantastic little dog he is.

We can now also add to our website the Shih-Poo's. Which we reckon  are equally as good as the Jack-a-doodle,if not better as slightly more laid back,and with both the Shih-tzu and the Poodle being both none shedding dogs,their coats are more Hypo-allergenic.

Our Goal as been achieved and we now have our own bred low shedding new members in our family.